Who will be the next james bond

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who will be the next james bond

Speculation over who could be the next James Bond is in full swing. over which actor will take his place and become the next James Bond. Speculation over who could be the next James Bond is in full swing. Though the star hasn't officially confirmed whether the movie will be his. There's definitely no shortage in candidates for the iconic role: take a look!. Expectations of Turner becoming the next appeared to be dashed when he announced he would be appearing in a third series of BBC drama Poldark, which would seemingly make him unavailable for filming. LADIES MAN Sam Chaloner is expected to stir things up in Big Brother - but who is the hunky builder? Woman's Facebook Live broadcast shows high-speed car crash that killed her and left driver critically injured. Aidan is quite capable of doing that part. By Rich Taylor 1 day ago. But who knows what might happen in the screentest.

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Will Tom Hiddleston be the next James Bond? - The Graham Norton Show: Series 19 Episode 7 - BBC The sizzling hot deluxe ru SPECTRE trailer looks fantastic. What more does he have to prove? Bond can certainly be black - but short? You keep expecting it to arrive at a "showstopping chorus", but that never comes, says Petridis. Live and Let Die, Paul McCartney Rolling Stone named Live and Let Die the greatest James Bond theme song three years ago. Share on Twitter Tweet. For his part, Hiddleston has done nothing to quash the rumours, even showing off his superspy animal-taming abilities on James Corden's US chat show, much to the delight of the internet. Superman , Napoleon Solo and only Although Craig has officially given up his licence to kill, it is widely believed that he has made his last film. UK Edition Scottish Sun Irish Sun Sun Bets Sun Bingo Dream Team. The Wall Street Journal says it has "all the makings of a classic Bond theme song" with "sweeping orchestration harkening back to signature compositions like Goldfinger, and Smith's pristine vocals". In fact, oddsmakers in the U. Along with Hardy and Cavill, Michael Fassbender rounds off the trio of Hollywood heavyweights. Idris Elba He is 44 years old, which could be a problem. She seemed to acknowledge the rumours with a tweet earlier this month that read "Live and let die", apparently a reference to the title of the Bond film starring Roger Moore. Ten years later, matured as an actor and a man, surely he should go one better? Michael Fassbender However, the actor has already revealed that he does not want to play the role of James Bond. Tom attended Eton College just as James Bond did and fits the description of a tall, athletic, handsome secret agent in his thirties or forties. In fact, Drew McWeeny at HitFix calls the whole thing "nonsense", explaining that Sony might not even have anything to do with the next James Bond film — leaving fans of the franchise even further in the dark.


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